Tri Delta's Personal Experience

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is very near and dear to my heart. Ever since little seven-year-old me called into a radio station to make a pledge to donate to them every month, I have always felt the Lord calling me to serve there. St. Jude is a symbol of hope. It stands for healing and a future for childhood cancer. It is full of optimism and overflowing with love. A hospital that doesn’t charge a single dime to its patients is almost too good to be true. I truly see St. Jude as a little slice of heaven in the midst of a really broken world. The care and thoughtfulness that they have for each one of their patients is a special sight to see. St. Jude has changed my perspective on life for the better. I see that we are not promised tomorrow, so enjoy the times that you have with the people you love while you can. This place warms my heart like no other and has brought me so much joy.

Being in Tri Delta has allowed me to be able to serve St. Jude first hand by raising money while participating in philanthropy events, profit shares, and a letter writing campaign. This has touched my heart in such humbling ways. Getting to see all of the girls of our chapter come together to work toward a common cause is empowering and so moving seeing the amazing things that St. Jude is able to do for kids because of the work we are able to do in Tri Delta. My favorite moment, by far, was getting to meet an actual St. Jude patient and having her enjoy Delta Diner with us. Seeing her bliss and zeal for life was inspiring to us all. Tri Delta has given me so many opportunities to do something that is bigger than myself and get to support an organization that is saving the lives of many. These times of serving can sometimes get hard and stressful, but there is an overwhelming peace that comes when remembering the impact that St. Jude gets to have on children because of supporters like the members of Tri Delta.                                

I am so blessed and thankful for St. Jude for doing the amazing and life-changing things that they do, and Tri Delta for letting an ordinary person like me help do extraordinary things for this world. Little seven-year-old me is beaming. It has been such an absolute JOY getting to be the hands and feet of Jesus serving in Tri Delta to support St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and I have loved every single moment of it.