Theta's Personal Experience

Scotty's House has been a philanthropy that has changed the lives of our chapter members within Theta. Scotty's House is an advocacy center for children who have been abused and neglected in the Brazos Valley. These are kiddos in our neighborhoods while we live in college and we can have no idea. Scotty's House offers assessment, counseling, and testing for kids who have gone through traumatic events. Each case is very sensitive and handled with great care. Because of this, we do not get much interaction with the children, but we have visited the center and seen the facilities used for each child. The comfort and care given as a top priority for each child is inspiring and pushes us to work harder for each child's rights. Due to the interactions within Theta and Scotty’s House, we have members become Scotty’s House interns that work within the office and see the behind the scenes of the center. Their ability to inform us of a need in our own backyards is invaluable and has changed all of us for the better.