Chi Omega's Personal Experience

Starting out as a mentor at Still Creek when I was a freshman, I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into. I knew I wanted to take time and mentor my girl and show her what it was like to be loved and important.  I wanted to spend time with kids (but honestly who doesn’t!!!!!). I wanted to bring smiles to kids faces. I wanted to have a chance to make a difference. So going out to Still Creek the first time, I could totally see potential to do that and continued to do just that as I went out week after week. Now, two years later, I see all those things I wanted to do, I was doing. But at the same time, I was getting SO much more from this mentorship thing than I expected. Going out to see the girls became the highlight of MY week. I was learning more from these girls that I ever expected. Just as I was there to love them and make them feel cared for and important, they were doing the same thing for me. My mentorship turned into one of the sweetest friendships I have. These girls are so strong, special, impactful and FUN! Doing spa days, going ice skating, organizing profit shares, cheering on at volleyball games, making real life friends— thats what its all about!

Still Creek has made such a big impact on so many people, myself included. I am so thankful for all of you taking the time to support Songfest and all it stands for. TAMU Chi Omega is able to support Still Creek with tutoring, mentorship, community building, fun but biggest is financial support. Without Songfest, none of that would be possible. And, Still Creek is one of many philanthropies and many stories being supported through Songfest. Without you, none of that would be possible. So from me, all the Still Creek family and everyone at TAMU Chi O, THANK YOU!