Kappa's Personal Experience

When I think about our philanthropy I think that the coolest part about our service is the simple presence of Kappas at the Nehemiah Center that help out each day. It is very special to be so involved throughout the year and watch the kids grow and learn. Our volunteers assist those big and small who range between kindergarten through fifth grade with homework and other activities after school in Navasota. Celebrating our annual Reading is Fundamental (RIF) event is still one of my favorite days spent with the kiddos. Since Valentine’s Day was around the the same time as the national RIF event we decided to combine the two and have an even bigger celebration. RIF encourages youth literacy and so we had a whole afternoon of reading initiatives to make reading fun including cookie decorating, crafting and playing outdoors.

That day Kappas were in full force assisting the mountain of sprinkles that was piled high on the cookies that were being decorated and at the same time we had our most animated readers share stories from the books the kids chose. However the temporary tattoo section was very popular once we discovered there are not only face tattoos but the tattoo bracelets for kids also. They the kids (plus Kappas) went nuts with the Finding Dory tattoos and we had so much fun decked out with cartoon characters covering our hands and arms. At the end of the day, each kid was able to pick out a book to bring home and practice reading. It was so rewarding when we saw the kids get picked up and tell their parents it was the “best day ever!” everyone couldn’t help but smile as we could see our kids so motivated and excited!