Kappa Delta's Personal Experience

As a member of Kappa Delta sorority I began to volunteer at the Prenatal Clinic of Bryan my sophomore year. I first started volunteering there so I could better understand where all my sororities hard work and money was going to each year, but little did I know that I would get so much more out of it.

The prenatal clinic is a clinic that serves a diverse group of economically disadvantaged women by providing them with prenatal care and educational resources to carry their baby to term. At the prenatal clinic I am able to interact and care for the women of my community by doing things such as taking blood pressure, height and weight, and performing glucose tests. Each woman that comes in has a different story that challenges myself and the staff of the clinic. Learning the unique stories of each woman is what makes the clinic such a special place to volunteer.

Over the last two years I have grown to see the impact that a “small clinic” has on so many women’s lives and their babies. I remember one time a young teenage girl did not show up for her appointment for over 2 months and when the staff found out that the reason she hadn’t been showing up for her appointments was because she did not have a ride to the clinic, they offered to pick her up so that she could make her appointments.  I was able to ride along with another staff member to pick up this patient. The car ride back to the clinic was something I will never forget. The young girl shared with us her life story and how important the clinic was to her and her baby’s health. Without the prenatal clinic she would not have the funds or resources to receive the proper prenatal care to carry her baby to term. The prenatal clinic offered her a way to have a healthy baby that she originally thought she would not be able to care for. This car ride was one of the first moments I began to understand that this story was unique to this girl, but each patient of the clinic has a story just as impacting as this.

The prenatal clinic has been my favorite part of my college career. I didn’t come into college thinking I would find a deep passion for philanthropy, but the prenatal clinic has changed this for me. I am so grateful and honored to be just a small part of all the efforts that Kappa Delta puts in to keep the clinic open in order to care for the women of our community.