Delta Gamma's Personal Experience

When I was six I was diagnosed with an eye condition called Retinitis Pigmentosa that slowly destroys my retinal tissue. As a six year old I was faced with the reality that when I turned 16, chances are I would not get to experience the feeling of driving my first car, and the independence that comes with it. Although it is true that I missed out on this, little did I know that I would still get to experience this feeling of independence one day, just to a different degree.

When I was 17 I received my first Guide Dog, an adorable yellow lab with big brown eyes named Quigley, and little did I know the impact he would have on my life.   For someone who is constantly dependent on others to get places safely, a guide dog can mean the world. Having a Guide Dog has equipped me with the confidence and independence I need to go out and live the self-sufficient life I’ve always wanted to, and the fact that Aggie Delta Gammas play a part in this every year is so rewarding. Aggie Delta Gammas provide this incredible gift of independence through our sponsorship of Aggie Guide Dogs, donating enough money annually to not only sponsor, but also name a dog every year.    Our goal as Delta Gammas is to enhance the lives of those with visual impairments, and by supporting an organization that brings something as vital as independence to people with visual impairments we are able to give in a way that can make a wonderful difference in the life of someone.