ATO's Personal Experience

Our new philanthropy is very close to our hearts as it honors our former Philanthropy Chair's deceased cousin, Reagan Lyne. Reagan lost his life on August 10th, 2016 in an accident outside the family's ranch south of George West, Texas. The accident took place just one day after his 14th birthday. In memorial of Reagan, a senior at George West High School, Laney Mosley started the "feaRless Foundation". Fearless, because that was one of Reagan's best qualities. The feaRless Foundation began an endowed scholarship award that would provide at least $1,000 each year toward the furtherance of George West students' education. Reagan's family is active in the selection of the award's recipients. It is ATO's mission to cherish Reagan's memory and assist the goal of the feaRless Foundation. The scholarship assists high school seniors further their education and I am proud to divulge that Laney Mosley is now a freshman at Texas A&M.