AMC's Personal Experience

Building a Future is an incredible opportunity and ministry with the goal of raising up the next generation in Honduras and providing for those who are in need. Started in 2004 by former Aggie Men’s Club member, Jose Mahomar, Building a Future was established as a 501 c 3 in order to provide funding for Jorge Mahomar and the 20 centers, which he has set up around Honduras. These centers benefit over 800 people, 70% of which are children. Jorge began this mission by simply driving around the cities of Honduras, picking up homeless and runaway children and taking them to homes and hospitals where they could get the care they needed. This vision and servant-heartedness of Jorge grew into the 20 centers he has built around Honduras in order to serve the children and less fortunate of this poverty-stricken country.

        Aggie Men’s Club obviously got involved from the start as it was founded while Jose was in the group here at A&M. GLOW 5k was started to raise money for Building a Future and for spring break, a group of about twenty guys went down to Honduras for many years until just recently when a travel ban was put in place for Honduras. Aggie Men’s Club can no longer visit the orphanages and homes in Honduras due to the travel ban and the A&M regulations for student organization’s travelling. We still feel very connected to this ministry and mission however as we video call Jose and Jorge into our meetings occasionally and still keep up with the progress and impact we are having in Honduras. They have made it very clear to us that the funds we help raise through Songfest and GLOW go a long way in providing a safe place and home for many gang members and children in Honduras. We look forward to continuing to serve Building a Future and seeing the impact we can have.