Aggie Gems' Personal Experience

Aggie Gems is a relatively new women's organization. We struggled to find a philanthropy we could really connect with and had a passion for. We had looked for weeks but hadn't found the perfect one. We wanted one that fired up our members to get involved and excited to help.

One day, one of our members, Sava Sipe, attended a career fair in which Boys and Girls Country of Houston attended and had a table. Our member stopped by their table, intrigued by the information on their sign and table. She talked to the representatives and was inspired by the organization and their mission. She took a card from them and kept it with her knowing this place was special. She forgot about it until one day another member of Aggie Gems told her we were looking to partner with a new philanthropy. She instantly thought about the organization she had met at the career fair. She knew this was a place that our girls would be very passionate about. She gave the card to the current philanthropy chair and the officers discussed it. It was a unanimous vote to adopt this new philanthropy.

Boys and Girls Country currently raises about 80 children on their site. The money our organization has raised for them through individual fundraising, various events, and Songfest has helped keep the Boys and Girls Country campus up and running. Our money has gone to stock the cabins with food, buy the children clothing, pay for maintenance, etc. We absolutely love the kids and all the staff at BGC. We love to give what we can to them, but they have given us even more in happiness, inspiration, and purpose.